Rob with Stephen Fry
Rob King & Neil Gaiman
Hangin' with Lindsey Shaw
Rob and Rozita @ The Oscar's Red Carpet Rehearsal
Peter Simon, Roger Daltry & Rob King
George Coe & Rob
Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez (The Mars Volta) Grammy Winning Horn player & Composer
Rob King, Eric Martel, Tommy Tallarico and Unknown dude @ Todd-AO Mixing
Rob wondering why Peter Stormare didn't like that last take.....?
Rob & Riley King with C.S. Lee from the show Dexter (Showtime)
Client Lounge #2 - "The People Pods"
VO Booth
Client Lounge #1 and fully stocked Bar
Studio Lounges and Courtyard
Paul Romero (L) & Rob King (R) Recording a choir for a game score
Outdoor courtyard
Rob @ Videogames Live
Rob & Chris Vrenna (Marylin Manson, NIN, Tweaker)
Rob & Judy Dench
Rob & Ron Perlman
Rob & Keith David
1955 Vintage AKG C12 microphone
Rob & Katy Sagal
Karin Mushegain - Opera Singer
Troy Baker on the Mic
Steven Bauer Playing some Guitar on a break
Les King - Laying down some Bass in the Studio
Fang Fang XO - Recording Cello
Rob & Armin Shimerman
James Mathis III
Erika Ishii
In a tracking session @ Archon with Aris on the Protools Rig.