Covid-19 - Rules & Protocols

Due to the current CDC mandate and the Covid-19 situation, Green Street Studios is committed to taking extra precautions when recording voice over projects. Extra measures are being taken daily to thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces/equipment, including swapping out a new Pop filter on the microphone Prior to EVERY recording session. We will also be using a UV Light to clean the booth after every morning & afternoon recording session. Only Rob King (Recording Engineer) and one actor at a time will be physically present. Additional studio personnel, directors, Dev team members, will be calling in remotely. 

Masks will be worn at all times and required social distancing will be strictly enforced prior to and after recording sessions. We also encourage actors to bring their own personal headphones but be assured the ones at the studio will be disinfected between sessions and rotated between uses every 72 hours. No physical paper scripts or actor contracts at the recording sessions. All contracts will be mailed to Actor/Agent prior or after recording session via Docusign.


It is our suggestion that any high-risk actors would remain at home and call in for a remote session.  If they and their agent choose to record at the studio it will be our recommendation to the client that no other sessions should be scheduled that day.


Green Street is a private studio with separate entrance/exit.


CDC and LA County guidelines followed. 

Green Street Studios is a SAG/AFTRA Approved Facility.

Rob King is a certified and registered Covid-19 Compliance Officer in the state of California.


We are committed to keep the studio and VO Booth a safe environment for all. 

Green Street Studios – Covid-19 Policies

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  • COVID-19 safety plan posted at all site entrances and exits
  • Personal protective equipment is provided daily as needed
  • Face coverings are being worn by everyone upon arrival to studio, into the booth and while leaving the booth
  • Everyone maintains the use of PPE and social distancing
  • Digital Scripts & Actor Contracts are to be provided Digitally
  • Daily attendance log of all personnel on set is maintained
  • The studio is completely secure to prevent access by the public


  • One Actor in the booth at a time. No other visitors allowed. Minors are the exception
  • A minimum of 6 feet distance between each person
  • Audio equipment that must be used by more than one person. must be cleaned and disinfected with agent that is effective against COVID-19 before use by another. (rotated between sessions)
  • Minor children may be accompanied by no more than 2 adults. Nothing is to be touched. 


  • Hand-washing stations or  Touchless hand sanitizers are at entrances to Studio and in multiple locations as well as a touchless system in the recording booth
  • Individual containers of hand sanitizer may be provided to each person upon arrival as needed. Hand sanitation should be done frequently throughout recording session


  • Personnel with signs/symptoms of COVID-19, and those who are quarantined, are not allowed at studio location
  • Do not touch face with unwashed hands or gloves
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or rub on hand sanitizer for 20 seconds
  • Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces and objects frequently
  • Cover mouth and nose with tissue when coughing or sneezing or use crook of elbow or sleeve
  • Maintain minimum of 6 feet distancing at all times
  • Screening Protocol posted and or emailed prior to entering Studio Property


  • Cleaning and disinfecting done frequently of all high-traffic/high touch point areas including:
  • entrances and exits, hand-wash areas, Audio equipment, counter tops, desks, table tops, restroom fixtures, door knobs, light switches
  • All personnel performing cleaning and disinfection provided proper PPE
  • Daily cleaning and vacuuming done
  • Adequate time in the workday to allow for proper cleaning and decontamination provided


  • Sharing food or beverage is prohibited
  • Single serve containers of beverages and food are encouraged and provided upon request
  • Eating and drinking are only permitted in designated Space (Booth)
  • Actor(s) advised to stay home if any symptoms related to COVID-19 are experienced


  • Conduct daily screening of all actors who enter studio and at least once thereafter
  • Prohibit Actor(s) who do not pass screening from entering studio
  • Take remedial measures if any person on set becomes symptomatic
  • Retain all attendance and screening results in Secured file, maintaining privacy
  • Work with county health officer if called upon to do so
  • Ensure implementation of all recommended safety and sanitation requirements
  • Convey updated information relative to COVID-19
  • Emergency protocols in the event of exposure or suspected exposure
  • Decontamination by outside vendor of the set will take place upon discovering a person who is symptomatic
  • COVID-19 Compliance Officer is authorized to stop non-compliant activity and bring back to compliance


  • All food and drink must be in single serving containers
  • Food and drink consumed only in designated spaces
  • All additional Public Health Requirements to be followed

For questions or comments about this protocol:


Contact: Rob King


Studio Phone: (818) 533-1143

Date Last Revised – 12/01/22